gtk+ 2.90.1

       Module: gtk+
      Version: 2.90.1
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
 sha256sum: 06e4a23618b0d5626408202c3264ed6686a76f4f3575c547d96c50a7647ff644
      size: 27M
 sha256sum: 42f1b65bbef46f261d708a14b29dbb95c73cbe832461b1f828427da317f2de10
      size: 18M


Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.90.0 to 2.90.1

* Printing: The list of locales using US Letter papersize has
  been updated to match the CLDR 1.8.1

* The default location for the 'module cache' files (ie the files
  produced by gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders and gtk-query-immodules) has
  been changed to $libdir/gtk-3.0/3.0.0/{loaders,immodules}.cache.
  This should avoid multilib problems with the previous location.

  Additionally, the query utilities accept an --update-cache argument
  to update the cache file directly, instead of writing to stdout

* gtk_radio_action_join_group: A binding-friendly way to manage
  radio actions.

* GtkAdjustment enforces values to the range [lower, upper - page_size]

* GDK has been GSEALed, with the addition of suitable accessors

* The XI2 branch with better support for multiple input devices has
  been merged, together with backends for XInput, XInput2, win32 and
  Quartz, and corresponding updates to input-device handling code
  in GTK.

* A number of orientable widgets are no longer abstract: GtkBox,
  GtkButtonBox, GtkPaned, GtkRuler, GtkScale, GtkScrollbar, GtkSeparator.
  All of these can now be instantiated and flipped between horizontal
  and vertical orientation at runtime. Their H/V subclasses are still
  available, as convenience API.

* More deprecated API has been removed

* Bugs fixes:
 613132 GtkBoxChild should probably be deprecated
 592580 GDK needs sealing
 618870 GTK+ uses wrong pkg-config to reveal the CAIRO_PREFIX
 616817 Remove code to support deprecated GtkToolbar api
 619114 undefined reference to `XkbBell'
 617863 Actually expose the X11 funcs through introspection
 613302 GtkWidget not emitting the unmap signal
 565559 Incorrect leave-notify signals for treeview
 533946 GtkHScale does not update correctly
 618000 Sync paper size fallbacks with CLDR 1.8.1
 614581 Gtk print dialog freezes on start up
 551322 configure does not use -lm in jasper (JPEG2000) testing
 619474 Fixes for GtkAdjustment for GTK+ 3
 555087 Shouldn't the return type of gtk_entry_completion_get_model...
 619385 Fix compilation warning: Do not break strict-aliasing rules
 596725 Add XInput2 support

* Updated translations

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