glib 2.25.7

       Module: glib
      Version: 2.25.7
  Uploaded by: Ryan Lortie
 sha256sum: 28f52544ff46b776b6e5c1d1407f77fb7a35d26aa85bab54173256096ecbe000
      size: 8.2M
 sha256sum: fcc8fa59515b120b88bd4ddd9c89524bc433821d384d08d4003ed69f0162440d
      size: 5.7M


Overview of Changes from GLib 2.25.6 to GLib 2.25.7

* NOTE: API/ABI breaks since 2.25.6 release:
  - g_dbus_connection_sync{,_sync} takes a new 'reply_type' argument
  - GSettingsBackendClass 'list' virtual function changed

  GSettings backends and things using GDBus may need to be rebuilt.

* GDBus: many build-related fixes

* GDBus (service): return a DBus error when receiving a method call for
  an unknown interface.

* GSettings: fix 'make install' bug in gsettings.m4 for generated schema

* GSettings: avoid non-portable use of LC_MESSAGES

* better approach to handling man pages

* Bugs fixed:
 619527 please improve docs on g_file_make_symlink
 619391 send-with-reply should have expected result signature
 618616 Use stack-allocated GVariantBuilders
 617004 Build with "--disable-nls" fails under MinGW/Win32
 619142 Build fixes (GDBus)

* Updated translations:
 Norwegian bokmål

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