pyatspi 0.3.2

       Module: pyatspi
      Version: 0.3.2
  Uploaded by: Mike Gorse
 sha256sum: d5deef3e822403a3f5fe2c0adcc7a35a137cef7722a3ab5ae112dbf3457228d3
      size: 408K
 sha256sum: e76d7538fd302a67390a1fbad104535b9c2f55b31b32343616cb1590b540c01f
      size: 308K


What's new in pyatspi2 0.3.2:

* Remove double deletion of application from the desktop cache handler.
Was causing a mostly harmless exception when an application shut down.

* Role changes now update the cache.

* Avoid throwing an exception in getState() if an object no longer exists.
This avoids potentially throwing an eception where at-spi-corba may not.

* Do not use the cache if registry.start() has not been called; allows
simple scripts without a main loop to work better.

What's new in pyatspi2

Install to $PYTHONDIR again, since we have no arch-specific dependencies.

* Do not dispatch events while waiting for a reply from a method call.

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