evolution 2.31.2

       Module: evolution
      Version: 2.31.2
  Uploaded by: Matthew Barnes

 sha256sum: 03800bf1b98a2c7e377e0b8195b3c1fcd769bba427d6d0ff7fe5023272d407b9
      size: 37M

 sha256sum: 124dca979843471002c2eae4d831394682cf76bc8e4cf09a5ddf8fda0eaf1524
      size: 30M


Evolution 2.31.2 2010-05-24

Bug Fixes:
	#220672 - Excessive autosaving uses lots of resources (Milan Crha)
	#240317 - Allow searching in subscribe dialog (Milan Crha)
	#304415 - Allow change of signature hash algorithm (Milan Crha)
	#499320 - Preview before import from command line (Milan Crha)
	#523775 - Order of Email Addresses in UI is broken (Milan Crha)
	#531013 - Proxy login window is not in focus. (Vibha Yadav)
	#531912 - Mail inline parser doesn't always work (Milan Crha)
	#545462 - Printing of contacts is weird. (Vibha Yadav)
	#546551 - Dialog for mark-all-read always mentions subfolders
	          (Milan Crha)
	#593890 - New folder window is not in focus in filter dialog
	          (Milan Crha)
	#594153 - Allow setting alarms on any meeting (Jim Ramsay)
	#598833 - Do not ship dropped evo_mail_notifier.png (Yves-Alexis Perez)
	#603006 - Move All Contacts To enabled for read-only address books
	          (Milan Crha)
	#604971 - Evolution allows deletion of default views (Milan Crha)
	#607257 - Add checks for event->comp_data != NULL (Milan Crha)
	#608855 - Can't drag and drop multiple attachments (Matthew Barnes)
	#611560 - 'Mark as junk' should be disabled in junk folder (Milan Crha)
	#615291 - Preview pane's attachment bar accepts drop (Matthew Barnes)
	#615745 - New task pop up in calendar day view doesn't work
	          (Matthew Barnes)
	#616640 - Don't display attachment size if it's unknown (Matthew Barnes)
	#616823 - Evolution allows moving IMAP Inbox to other folders
	          (Milan Crha)
	#616889 - Force 24h format for locales not supporting 12h format
	          (Gert Michael Kulyk)
	#617041 - Set translation domain for e-mail-reader actions (Gert Kulyk)
	#617496 - Critical warnings when open a task (Milan Crha)
	#617557 - Quits without asking user to save unfinished messages
	          (Milan Crha)
	#617865 - Various data file cleanups (Matthew Barnes)
	#618113 - Missing icon in alarm dialog (Matthew Barnes)
	#618177 - Mobile Phone of imported contact not shown in preview
	          (Milan Crha)
	#618400 - "Mark All Messages as Read" shortcut missing (Matthew Barnes)
	#618578 - Require automake >= 1.10 (Matthew Barnes)
	#618902 - Crash when viewing/closing messages quickly (Matthew Barnes)
	#619010 - Mailer's crash avoidance features are broken (Matthew Barnes)

Other Changes:
	* Convert "default-mailer" plugin to an extension. (Matthew Barnes)
	* Initial implementation of setting evolution as default mail client
	  and mailto handler. (Fridrich Å trba)
	* Require GtkHtml 3.31.2 for new API in bug #220672. (Matthew Barnes)
	* Improve attachment bar selection behavior. (Matthew Barnes)
	* Create the source groups required to ensure local adresssbooks and
	  calendars are created (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	* Consider full name and also the first part of e-mail address for
	  contact description in the import dialogue. (Fridrich Å trba)
	* On Windows, some LDIF files can have .ldi extension (Fridrich Å trba)
	* [win32] Set patch to evolution's bindir because some child
	  processes need it in some situations. (Fridrich Å trba)
	* [win32] Don't call glib functions before g_thread_init was called
	  and register evolution as capable to handle mailto: protocol on
	  startup (Fridrich Å trba)
	* [win32] Make Evolution actually appear in "Set Program Access and
	  Defaults" dialogue and use quoted string instead of short path,
	  since this is how the "Hotmail" e-mail provider is doing it
	  (unlike what documentation says) (Fridrich Å trba)
	* [win32] Implement --reinstall, --show-icons, --hide-icons options
	  to be used by windows default application setting dialogue
	  (Fridrich Å trba)
	* [win32] Try to get the default application registration right
	  (Fridrich Å trba)
	* [win32] Register evolution as "Contacts" application and .vcf
	  handler (Fridrich Å trba)
	* [win32] Register evolution as able to handle ldif files too
	  (Fridrich Å trba)

[be8a061] Updated Galician translations (Fran Diéguez)
[3a9faf9] Updated Shavian translation (Thomas Thurman)
[491100b] Updated Spanish translation (Jorge González)
[c5fa894] Updated Spanish translation (Jorge González)
[ce37e4c] Estonian translation updated (Ivar Smolin)
[85ebbc3] Updated Shavian translation (Thomas Thurman)
[fd151ac] Updated Shavian translation (Thomas Thurman)
[801c425] Updated Shavian transliteration (Thomas Thurman)
[933e668] Updated Galician translations (Fran Diéguez)
[073d7e1] Updated Norwegian bokmål translation (Kjartan Maraas)
[2f57daa] Updated Oriya Translation (Manoj Kumar Giri)
[a516af7] Updated Oriya Translation (Manoj Kumar Giri)
[aa3e354] Updated Oriya Translation (Manoj Kumar Giri)
[8254cec] [help] Updated German help translation screenshots (Christian Kirbach)
[e1bae28] Updated Spanish translation (Jorge González)
[518c616] Estonian translation updated (Mattias Põldaru)
[27eb820] Added be to LINGUAS (Ihar Hrachyshka)
[1d4c54e] Updated Galician translations (Fran Diéguez)

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