libchamplain 0.5.2

       Module: libchamplain
      Version: 0.5.2
  Uploaded by: JiÅ?í Techet
 sha256sum: 54f89853668e7dcee7eb4901fab40e2ad50174cdd8a4a5d674c5ed6c78a97ae4
      size: 752K
 sha256sum: a20e6fdcbcdc8e790231c4960d85ed9a2c39328ef36666aa85486b22f9c247fd
      size: 552K


libchamplain 0.5.2 (2010-05-18)

Unstable release
GObject-introspection and Python (Victor Godoy Poluceno) bindings 
are in a working state (without local rendering support yet).

* libchamplain has a new maintainer: JiÅ?í Techet
* Different tile reference management eliminating tile leaks 
  (JiÅ?í Techet)
* General performance improvements (JiÅ?í Techet)
* Tile download cancellation when tile not displayed any more
  (JiÅ?í Techet)
* Build process improvements, libmemphis dependency made optional,
  documentation updates (JiÅ?í Techet)
* Removal of unmaintained mono bindings, removal of perl bindings 
  (will be distributed separately) 
* New demo using introspection written in javascript (Simon Wenner)
* Many bugfixes and cleanups - for details see ChangeLog 
  (Pierre-Luc Beaudoin, JiÅ?í Techet, Emmanuel Rodriguez, Rob Bradford, 
   Fridrich Å trba, Simon Wenner, Brian Cameron, Lorenzo Masini)

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