glade3 3.7.1

       Module: glade3
      Version: 3.7.1
  Uploaded by: Tristan Van Berkom
 sha256sum: a1ab4044b8333cc852da74e6bc4fe57fa4612b5800089fb4a63f9a51d665eb94
      size: 3.6M
 sha256sum: e803ea266df3f35515f68d067ef2509411db190bba3d121e640244ae09c12cfd
      size: 2.5M


Glade 3.7.1
	- Changed "Close without saving" acelerator key from 'c' to 'w', (Aaron Brown, bug 612538)
	- Save Glade files with UTF-8 encoding (Christian Persch, bug 596205)
	- Save maximized window state of all windows in session data (Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita, bug 607670)
	- use g_timeout_add_seconds() (Javier Jardón, bug 581255)
	- Fixed signal name serialization in GtkBuilder format to use '-' instead of '_' (bug 600031)
	- Disable orientation properties completely and disregard them wherever they cause breakage
	  (Federico Mena Quintero, bug 594231)
	- Now print a summery of all missing icons at startup instead of a warning for each missing icon
	- Fixed some remaining crashers introduced by recent GSEAL patches
	- Integrated GtkToolPalette as the internal implementation of Glade's palette (bug 613956).
	- Added tooltip to palette (bug 558983)
	- Revamped internal treeview support, less warnings and better refresh of workspace when
	  editing cell renderer attributes and liststores.
	- Glade now loads/saves the "swapped" <signal> attribute.
	- Signal editor revamped to now:
	   o show documentation links
	   o show warning icons for version mismatches
	   o edit "swapped" attribute
	   o edit the user-data object using an object selection dialog.
	   o now the signal editor is a proper widget-class (Johannes Schmid, bug 618020)
	- Disallow adding of non-scrollable widgets to scrolled windows (now an informative
	  popup comes up instead).
	- Fixed hangs in menu/treeview editors (Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita, bug 609612)
	- Changed the old glade-cell-renderer-button for a new activatable pixbuf renderer
	- Added support to add GtkActions to GtkActionGroups
	- Added support to edit the <accelerator> for an action when in a group.
	- Added notebook tabs to the Glade frontend with informative labels (per open project).
	- Stop showing preferences dialog at startup time (bug 574095)
	- GladeProject now implements GtkTreeModel and GladeInspector view saves lots of code (Johannes Schmid)
	- Allow destruction of GladeApp object (Johannes Schmid, bug 618468).


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