libgda-uimm 3.99.20

       Module: libgda-uimm
      Version: 3.99.20
  Uploaded by: José Alburquerque
 sha256sum: f9603f2f466aefa906439a4d008d388528008daa2555459f1de49c4656c6dd67
      size: 1.4M
 sha256sum: fbed2b5274d31c16da8ec0d7c6453bbfe25b181331b79a345e5c6a08a8ca87b8
      size: 1.1M



2010-05-09  José Alburquerque  <jaalburqu svn gnome org>

	Release 3.99.20.

	* NEWS:
	* Increment the version number because there was a
	slight API change which requires a higher libgda version.

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