gthumb 2.10.12

       Module: gthumb
      Version: 2.10.12
  Uploaded by: Paolo Bacchilega
 sha256sum: bab898703ca97581b829e1521b86a9b551285880e13e7384905465c200bf28e5
      size: 4.4M
 sha256sum: e4f65ced6db31a3fe17ba172b3b320b581c82d34d76f38e6c7241e109580ca5a
      size: 3.2M


version 2.10.12

	Bugs fixed:

	* Fixed bug that broke version 2.10 after using version 2.11
	* Made the OK button the default widget in the rename dialog.
	* The existing import scripts did not properly unmount gvfs-mounted
          cameras. Gnome bug #560352, Ubuntu bug #351122.
	* Fixed various small memory leaks, bug #578282.

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