goocanvasmm 0.15.3

       Module: goocanvasmm
      Version: 0.15.3
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
 sha256sum: 5cc7b0b732f0d7afa9822892b2aa11cdf0b1b55ae2c02c3a86c90e8b0f861818
      size: 1.8M
 sha256sum: 78ca10c0bdc00a985f0c8eb2f0bf3694f5f02f917a5a9fab2124995bd44ac378
      size: 1.3M


0.15.3 (unstable):

- Added main page text with doxygen.
(David King, Murray Cumming)
- Improve API documentation slightly.
(Murray Cumming)

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