glib 2.24.1

       Module: glib
      Version: 2.24.1
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
 sha256sum: b49d2dddc1becabffc88d0116967196be064b6b6e9ecac438701fdad9fac1f02
      size: 7.3M
 sha256sum: 014c3da960bf17117371075c16495f05f36501db990851ceea658f15d2ea6d04
      size: 5.1M


Overview of Changes from GLib 2.24.0 to GLib 2.24.1

* Bugs fixed:
 615379 g_new macros crash if sizeof(struct_type) == 0
 614185 g_type_class_add_private() documentation is not correct
 614372 g_stat() is funny
 615111 GAsyncInitable's default implementation is broken
        Fix race in g_cancellable_cancel()
        Fix for g_variant_iter_loop()
        Make g_string_append_len() accept NULL lf len == 0
        Fix typo in GMutex error message

* Translation updates:
 Bengali India
 Catalan (Valencian)
 Traditional Chinese

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