libgdata 0.5.2

       Module: libgdata
      Version: 0.5.2
  Uploaded by: Philip Withnall
 sha256sum: 8379fd5354253568042b8614372e3f33c100a6caaa0d2b90e3d6e25c9e6f15e4
      size: 1.3M
 sha256sum: caaf601282ddcd1042bb428579b72172c65078bf2c7b5cd3ebd621f8b234e8d0
      size: 956K


Overview of changes from libgdata 0.5.1 to libgdata 0.5.2

Major changes:
* Fix parsing of video ratings

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 617296 â?? Video rating parsing broken

Updated translations:
* ja (Takeshi AIHANA)

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