librsvg 2.26.3

       Module: librsvg
      Version: 2.26.3
  Uploaded by: Hiroyuki Ikezoe
 sha256sum: 3761e3d446a9c2f4ebe52431289e15976f1d447f64ed33bb7f35cb1c430eac49
      size: 616K
 sha256sum: c0005f9471b4bd3ba4873d165d8e481ee6b1d124dda4efc6bdc24b7da024b7e5
      size: 504K


Version 2.26.3

- Bug fixed:
  143300 wrong bounding box when importing SVG
  403274 text in thumbnail too large
  404976 Unicode decomposed chars are not rendered well
  524690 text alignment incorrect with text-anchor:end
  545158 Segfault or bad rendering when displaying a SVG file
  563933 corrupted rendering of a card in 'Paris' aisleriot card theme
  564527 rsvg_handle_get_dimensions_sub weird behaviour
  564544 shape-rendering crispEdges property is antialiasing line elements
  566433 Could not  read  a valid svg file (inkspace read it)
  579286 This SVG-File crashes nautilus/rsvg-view
  581491 rsvg rendering is broken when encounters a 0px styled <text>
  589612 EOG error when loading a large SVG
  592207 Object cannot be rendered with more than 1 CSS {} rule
  597873 glib-mkenums cannot be invoked when GLib is uninstalled.
  597988 incorrect pkgconfig file let's others fail to detect librsvg
  598151 Incorrect rendering of svg file
  608575 Hang on particular SVG input
  612951 SVG not rendered if header contains width or height in percentage
  614123 librsvg builds tests even if tests are not run
  614555 should remove unused rsvg_filter_adobe_blend function
  614566 Needless G_OBJECT macro should be removed.
  614606 !important is not respected
  614643 does not handle comma separated CSS selector without libcroco
  614703 Need tests for get_dimensions.
  614704 css style doesn't override presentation attributes
  614730 Rendering not disabled for 0 sized objects
  614866 tests for CSS handling
  615490 rsvg-view should scale image size by default if the image has huge canvas.
  615699 rsvg-view should show zoom ratio.
  615701 class directive in svg element is not used at all
  615715 .class#id type selector is not supported.
  616187 rsvg-view crashes when open a svg image
  616835 Fix linking with pedantic linkers
  617163 !important directive support without libcroco.

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