longomatch 0.15.6

       Module: longomatch
      Version: 0.15.6
  Uploaded by: Andoni Morales Alastruey

 sha256sum: bbbbec416b7f8e5cdcb221f5afc5293ad59c148f244c97b778fd0ec349d47801
      size: 720K

 sha256sum: b5005b2aada0575376cf1e53226191272b66ed833181a24a4bdffbceec78e8b9
      size: 584K


===== LongoMatch 0.15.6 =====

	== Features ==

	* New tagging mode, to tag plays setting the start and stop time instead of using the default values.
	* Live analysis support with a fake capture device.  
	* Keys bindings for the media player. 
	* Added Norwegian translation.
	* Added Slovenian translation.
	* Added Danish translation.
	* Added Swedish translation.
 	== Bugs Fixed ==

	* [#614133] The drawing tool does not resize properly the image
	* [#614135] Hotkeys ToString() prints 'none' if the hotkey has no modifier
	* [#614136] The player grabs the pointer when clicked

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