libgdata 0.6.4

       Module: libgdata
      Version: 0.6.4
  Uploaded by: Philip Withnall
 sha256sum: 248c4073e8445f36b2e0d63f89c7817dc31e84ba8cc228986e2ca10416f69c42
      size: 1.3M
 sha256sum: 56c3f3cbd0bf8c410ebdff2d8a57eeb1db7dbc1bb342bf6f43f89700ef517d9d
      size: 988K


Overview of changes from libgdata 0.6.3 to libgdata 0.6.4

Major changes:
* Fixed the behaviour of gdata_entry_get_id() for GDataPicasaWebAlbum and GDataPicasaWebFile, which was previously *broken*
  Use gdata_picasaweb_album_get_id() and gdata_picasaweb_file_get_id() for the equivalent results now
* Don't send ETags if a query is modified since it was last used; this improves libgdata's behaviour for programs which re-use GDataQuery instances
* Lots of documentation fixes and improvements
* Added missing #includes to gdata.h
* Improved error reporting about network and proxy problems

API changes:
* Added GDataPicasaWebAlbum:album-id, gdata_picasaweb_album_get_id(), GDataPicasaWebFile:file-id and gdata_picasaweb_file_get_id()
* Fix the value returned by gdata_entry_get_id() for GDataPicasaWebAlbum and GDataPicasaWebFile; it is now a full URI

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 613529 â?? Sending ETag with modified query

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