libsigc++ 2.2.5

       Module: libsigc++
      Version: 2.2.5
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
 sha256sum: acc121b763373e790e474e946322a6cbe501314997ebb9212b283c8623b0b52e
      size: 4.1M
 sha256sum: 1249e77ef9556227c10d0dad726f0946fecc3b36e448ae72368ef8f3d3b520ba
      size: 3.6M



* Accumulators: Allow return types that are different to the signal's.
  (Krzysztof KosiÅ?ski)
* Documentation:
  - Disable collaboration graphs in documentation
  - Use non-blurry font for graph labels.
  (Daniel Elstner)
  - sigc::hide() correction: It always only hides one signal argument.
  (Michael Hasselmann)
* Fix the MSVC++ build.
  (Armin Burgmeier)

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