tracker 0.7.26

       Module: tracker
      Version: 0.7.26
  Uploaded by: Martyn James Russell
 sha256sum: cacaf236f054961a14aa6a315843c7d09dd4b132ee40d791f59bb4c21d2c051c
      size: 6.0M
 sha256sum: 21d8394fde96885e8fef7f94268e9a813b091bf7734cc72c4dac94e8eb0186fd
      size: 4.9M


NEW in 0.7.26 - 2010-03-18

Improvements / New:

  * Ignore -glue.h D-Bus generated files for coverage-report
  * Ignore tracker-marshal.* generated files in coverage-report
  * Added new functional tests for metadata extraction of images

  * Updated nco:hasIMAddress to be a sub-property of nco:hasContactMedium
  * Updated nfo:codec range to be xsd:string, was rdfs:Literal
  * Added tracker:notify for nmm:Photo
  * Removed nrl:InverseFunctionalProperty from nco:imID property

  * Removed unused file utility functions
  * Removed unused string utility functions
  * Removed unused TurtleWriter

  * Don't initialize ontologies here, do it in libtracker-data
  * Removed unused D-Bus functions
  * Removed unused user-defined SQLite functions
  * Removed unused user-defined aggregate SQLite functions
  * Removed unused support for blobs

  * Improve journal replay time from 1050s to 58s for 25249 resources 
  * Move internal ontology API from libtracker-common to libtracker-data
  * Added tests for backup/restore
  * Added tests for anonymous blank nodes
  * Added tests for predicate variables
  * Do not check for ontology updates in test schema
  * Do not register properties with GObject for TrackerProperty
  * Make sure we journal super-property changes
  * Keep VmRSS under control during journal replay
  * Journal imported TTL files
  * Removed the last part of tracker:uri
  * Removed unused volume handling functions
  * Removed unused "filtered" property from TrackerProperty
  * Removed unused set_super_ functions
  * Removed unused TrackerProperty functions

  * Removed unused functions

  * Added tracker-miner-web API thanks to the work from Adrien Bustany
  * Added tests for thumbnailer API
  * Added tests for tracker-miner-manager API
  * Added tests for mock miner desktop files
  * Added TRACKER_MINERS_DIR env variable to support test cases,
    points to XML files installed by miners
  * Fixed single quote instances for SPARQL queries
  * Fixed tests, don't include specific files, link against lib instead
  * Fixed "Could not process" warnings, use g_message() instead

  * Install Vala bindings

  * Cleaned up oasis (OpenOffice) extractor
  * Fixes totem AUDIO_BITRATE to use nfo:averageBitrate not nmm:averageBitrate

  * Improve performance on MOVE operations, now 1s, was 9m for linux kernel
  * Don't recurse dirs from inotify if dir matches single index config

  * Added new RSS feed miner thanks to the work from Michele Tameni & Roberto Guido


  * GB#609607, Make tracker build without assuming implicit DSO linking
  * GB#612749, Fix include of libtracker-client/tracker-client.h in libtracker-miner/tracker-miner.h
  * GB#612873, tracker cannot extract oasis files if the filename has spaces in it.
  * GB#612744, cannot activate evolution plugin
  * GB#494441, Lack of icon for "Indexing Preferences" in Launch menu on Solaris
  * GB#494438, tracker-preferences title should be "Indexing Preferences"
  * GB#497670, Remove "startup delay" hack from the prefs
  * GB#579062, mktime() related error
  * GB#612966, Non-Recursively Indexed Directories behavior
  * GB#606443, Help kill libegg
  * GB#613114, Date string is leaked in MSOffice extractor


  * Updated sv: Daniel Nylander
  * Updated sl: Andrej ŽnidarÅ¡iÄ?
  * Updated es: Jorge González
  * Updated lt: Gintautas Miliauskas


  The Deskbar applet packaged with Tracker is currently out of date
  and needs some love to get it working with the new APIs. It is in
  the same state as it was for 0.6. As such it isn't expected to work.

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