gtkmm 2.19.7

       Module: gtkmm
      Version: 2.19.7
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
 sha256sum: 7cc8d26f9a0956092e61ecfbb029c5d6223cd7e49d4434653446ff190a990957
      size: 16M
 sha256sum: 32b5bd2935303037810c40178419421892d8665cac599e4eaf0a6b516787774f
      size: 12M



* Screen: Added get_primary_monitor().
* Window: Added flush().

* StatusBar: Added get_message_area().
* Printer: get_hard_margins().
* ToolItem: Added get_ellipsize_mode(), get_text_alignment(), 
  get_text_orientation() and get_text_size_group().
* ToolItemGroup: Added get_label_widget().
* ToolPalette: Make  get_expand() and get_icon_size() const.
* ToolShell: Added  get_text_orientation(), get_text_alignment(), 
  get_ellipsize_mode(), get_text_size_group().
* Viewport: Added get_bin_window().
* Window:
  - Added get_window_type(), deprecating get_is_toplevel() and get_is_popup().
  Removed get_is_dialog() because it never had any implmentation anyway.
  - Added unset_transient_for().
  (Murray Cummign)

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