nautilus-sendto 2.28.3

       Module: nautilus-sendto
      Version: 2.28.3
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
 sha256sum: e00f907660b66626c15ba38430d9dbaed0e483b3a05c7140ba40c5fdac7f06bf
      size: 548K
 sha256sum: 7548a2309ffc9fdbcb8b882815d6c47edbf6e71bf15cfe9dedc1b6fe4834c0d7
      size: 432K


Version 2.28.3

Nautilus Sento

Bug fixes:
	- Fix undefined references when linking plugins
	- Fix possible crasher in Bluetooth plugin
	- Respect the "gtk-button-images" setting
	- Fix keyboard selection in mail plugin


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