clutter 1.2.2

       Module: clutter
      Version: 1.2.2
  Uploaded by: Emmanuele Bassi
 sha256sum: 805edbf0e9678efca257fef35224aee42eee0703250f94cd7443f812001f931e
      size: 3.1M
 sha256sum: 57debf025ca8e576328fcbb4bd897e5a6889921132f2ebfd7e035f7e8975982c
      size: 2.3M


Clutter 1.2.2 (15/03/2010)

  â?¢ List of changes since Clutter 1.2.0

    » Fix introspection annotations for ClutterBox

    » Compilation fixes for the EGL native backend

    » Fix ClutterX11TexturePixmap ::queue-damage-redraw default handler
      registration to avoid a run-time warning

    » Handle TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_ARB in the 2D sliced textures, and add
      a test case for that extension to avoid regressions

    » Improve the strictness of the JSON parser in the internal copy
      of JSON-GLib to which we fall back in the absence of the system

    » Fix a crasher on NVidia drivers when enabling the ARGB visuals
      by default on GLX.

Many thanks to:

  José Dapena Paz
  Neil Roberts
  Owen W. Taylor
  �yvind Kolås

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