Module: anjuta
  Uploaded by: Johannes Schmid
 sha256sum: 10355394e9074db1ef8731da20fb17aaff8f534df1d4639fad3f8470a8cfff1e
      size: 11M
 sha256sum: 146660785d295c7d312052674f50645b47b07e3acd5a00be7e639534d873334d
      size: 7.6M


Anjuta 2.29.92 "Give me Shortcuts" (8 March 2009) -- Johannes Schmid

- Stabilisation fixes with autocompletion
- Performance work

Bugs fixed:
anjuta: bgo#567689 -  Shortcuts grabbed all components of anjuta
bgo #566194 -  Garbage in the message pane for messages with bold font
sourceview: Don't block F7 shortcut (bgo#611204)
language-support-cpp-java: Better expression parsing (bgo#608499)
project-wizard: Added back translatable-strings.h until bgo#610934 is fixed
preferences: fix preferences registration for recent gtk+ versions (bgo#609190)
project-wizard: bgo#606596 -  Javascript template doesn't make sense
fm: bgo#605050 -  Saving a file duplicates its entry in File Manager
build-basic-autootls: Get make targets for files from language-manager plugin (bgo#611933)
bgo #611312 -  Make manual page up-to-date

Anjuta 2.29.91 "Vala la Révolution" (22 February 2009) -- Johannes Schmid

- Support for Vala symbols in the symbol-db

Bugs fixed:
language-support-cpp-java: bgo#609227 -  autocompletion problem (and some memory leaks)
bgo #550715 - Smaller icons in plugin list.
language-support-cpp-java: reapplied previous commit. bgo#610397 bgo#610404
symbol-db: bgo#610404 added cancel logic to search command.
starter: bgo#582726 -  Loading file from command-line/nautilus puts starter page in front of file
project-import: bgo#582717 -  'Create Folder' button not applicable in 'New From Existing Sources' file
    chooser dialog

Also special thanks to all translaters!

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