gst-plugins-good 0.10.19

       Module: gst-plugins-good
      Version: 0.10.19
  Uploaded by: Tim-Philipp Müller
 sha256sum: 85e6c5229be1df74ef9178c4ecb0e195a2b38de286884a96ef52ea59ffae6e58
      size: 3.8M
 sha256sum: e4b2638c85dca00b7746aaf2650562a2cc06c3bcc03d6cb32d68621bce8487a1
      size: 2.6M


This is GStreamer Good Plug-ins 0.10.19, "Closer to the Edit"

Changes since 0.10.18:

      * shapewipe: moved from -bad to -good
      * avidemux: push mode seeking support
      * avidemux: drop video frames up to the desired keyframe after a seek
      * configure: cross-compilation fixes (use $PKG_CONFIG instead of pkg-config)
      * dvdepay: don't output frames until we have a header, fixes crash
      * flacdec: fix tag extraction in push mode
      * flvdemux: obtain the index from the end of an flv file in push mode
      * flvdemux: audio tags without any content are valid; indexing improvements
      * jpegdec: fix invalid memory access in parser
      * jitterbuffer: new buffering modes: low/high watermark buffering, rtp timestamps
      * matroskademux: seeking/segment fixes (esp. regression with gnonlin)
      * matroskademux: subtitle stream improvements (advance sparse streams in smaller steps)
      * multipartdemux: improve header mime-type parsing
      * qtdemux: fix ALAC codec-data handling; handle signed values in 3GPP location tag
      * qtdemux: fix frame rate cap regression; fix sample durations corner-case
      * qtdemux: Use the correct duration when comparing segments
      * pulsesink: avoid segfault when shutting down
      * pulsesink: return previous mute state if sink is not active at the moment
      * rtpbin: change how NTP time is calculated in RTCP, generating more accurate NTP timestamps if the system clock is synchronised with NTP or similar
      * rtpmp4gdepay: avoid division by 0 in corner case
      * v4l2sink: change rank to NONE so we don't try to autoplug it
      * videomixer: fix timestamping problems for input streams with different lengths
      * videomixer: fix problem when used with gnonlin (always send FLUSH_STOP)

Bugs fixed since 0.10.18:

      * 584536 : [PLUGIN-MOVE] Move shapewipe to -good
      * 587304 : [jitterbuffer] don't handle correctly data burst from udpsrc
      * 599292 : Synchronizing two RTP streams from different devices using RTCP is inaccurate.
      * 604711 : Handling of mime type in multipartdemux
      * 608026 : [videomixer] timestamping problems
      * 608843 : [flacdec] Can't read tags in push mode
      * 610004 : GST_CXXFLAGS should contain GST_CFLAGS
      * 610053 : matroska fails to build with Sun Studio
      * 610238 : Avoid an assertion in the rtspsrc element which abort the client application
      * 610265 : gstrtpmp4gdepay issuing a SIGFPE crashing an application
      * 610280 : [qtdemux] issue with corrupted 3gp file
      * 610296 : [qtdemux] Confusion with gst/qt segments
      * 610337 : pulsesink: gst_pulsesink_get_mute: set result earlier.
      * 610483 : [jpegdec] invalid memory access
      * 610556 : Memory violation when starting to decode a running DV PAL RTP stream
      * 610839 : Unable to cross compile gst-plugins-good
      * 610894 : send FLUSH_STOP after FLUSH_START in videomixer
      * 611501 : [regression] matroskademux fails to output anything on some seeks
      * 609724 : Add translator comment for %s in pulsesink

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