evolution-data-server 2.29.92

       Module: evolution-data-server
      Version: 2.29.92
  Uploaded by: Matthew Barnes

 sha256sum: 3c826be7851b032d8bbc60ea4c1b53fb75bb1dd0d1c42498e7843dadcee90b3b
      size: 7.1M

 sha256sum: 9c82d80b65f44459de004430948a072e85cfb8538923ad24a741747c79f850e7
      size: 4.7M


Evolution-Data-Server 2.29.92 2010-03-08

Bug Fixes:
	#529331 - Be able to disallow selection of a certain ESource
	          (Milan Crha)
	#600322 - assertion failed: (reply == msg) in cs_waitinfo()
                  (Milan Crha)
	#602723 - Contact list name doesn't get displayed in 'To' dialog
	          (Milan Crha)
	#611125 - Duplicate definition of camel-iconv.h in install targets
	          (Priit Laes)
	#611355 - calendar/tests/ecal/test-ecal-create-object--2 test
	          (Priit Laes)
	#611860 - Pilot calendar, todo, memo do not sync when timezone is
	          set to UTC (Matt McCutchen 2)
	#611873 - Make triple-clicking a shortcut for "Show Only This ..."
	          (Matthew Barnes)

Other Changes:
	Locking improvements in Camel (Michael Meeks)
	Steady progress on the new IMAPX backend (Chenthill Palanisamy)
	Various cleanups for Windows support (Fridrich Strba)

	Alexander Shopov (bg)
	Simos Xenitellis (el)
	Bruce Cowan (en_GB)
	Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio (eu)
	Claude Paroz (fr)
	Yuri Kozlov (ru)
	Daniel Nylander (sv)

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