orca 2.29.92

       Module: orca
      Version: 2.29.92
  Uploaded by: William Walker

 sha256sum: bd950aebb05c52682eb38d075e303c8fb7291f7fefcb8c304a55b83d2c0322da
      size: 3.7M

 sha256sum: 3215eacc2536a6cb902027befdda294a1294589c882f4bb2d4ed40922bcb0145
      size: 2.2M


2.29.92 - 07-Mar-2010


* Fix for bgo#611321 - keybindings.getInputHandler returns unbound
  commands as potential keybinding candidates

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    bg          Bulgarian            Alexander Shopov
    de          German               Simon Bienlein and
                                     Mario Blättermann
    en_GB       British English      Bruce Cowan
    es          Spanish              Francisco Javier Dorado Martínez
                                     and Jorge González
    fr          French               Claude Paroz
    gl          Galician             Fran Diéguez and Antón Méixome
    pl          Polish               Piotr DrÄ?g
    pt          Portuguese           Rui Batista
    pt_BR       Brazilian Portuguese Felipe Vieira Borges
    ru          Russian              ЮÑ?ий Ð?озлов and Leonid Kanter
    ta          Tamil                Vasudeven


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