Module: empathy
  Uploaded by: Guillaume Desmottes

 sha256sum: cbf4e0ee82dd391c22d42dc1f0fe243a0d560db6ca09cb61b490bdccbc46c441
      size: 3.6M

 sha256sum: 916efb68ffa787a7ea8bb58382d76a934475ab7bbdadb2d2dcdedb484974245d
      size: 2.4M


NEW in

The "No pony in this release" release.

Some issues regarding the account assistant have been fixed,
including a crash introduced in yesterday's release.

Empathy should now cope better with buggy routers that prevent connecting
to Google Talk. If you have experienced this issue, please see the Empathy FAQ
for details: http://live.gnome.org/Empathy/FAQ

Links in contacts status messages are now clickable.

Bugs fixed:
 - Fixed #525576, URL in contact's status are not clickable (Xavier Claessens)
 - Fixed #601089, "Network Error" on any new Google Talk account (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #611753, "B)" and "B-)" both present the face-cool, not following the Icon Naming Spec (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #611792, Crash through empathy-accounts wizard (Sjoerd Simons)
 - Fixed #611794, Empathy asserts if icon not available (Sjoerd Simons)
 - Fixed #611817, Remove salut_created gconf key (Guillaume Desmottes)

 - Updated ar Translation (Khaled Hosny)
 - Updated de Translation (Mario Blättermann)

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