glabels 2.2.7

       Module: glabels
      Version: 2.2.7
  Uploaded by: Jim Evins
 sha256sum: 7ea7ea9f265aca8689a6bf1951650b25c0ac20148dfc535dc7ac37c01eb81b53
      size: 3.7M
 sha256sum: 7983bd90c63d0b95495bff20cc964c40621ab46d265cfbb119f38f595584830d
      size: 3.4M


* gLabels 2.2.7 (stable) release.  Release date 2010-03-01

- Fixed limitation on encoded image sizes (fix only valid if libxml 2.7+ is installed)
- Fixed focus behavior of canvas so that focus does not get stolen when
  highlighting text in the object editor
- New Slovenian translation (Andrej ŽnidarÅ¡iÄ?)
- New Danish translation (Joe Hansen)
- Updated Czech translation (Marek Cernocky)
- Updated German translation (Mario Blättermann)
- Updated German help manual translation (Mario Blättermann)
- New French translation of help manual (Alain Lojewski and Claude Paroz)
- New Czech translation of help manual (Marek Cernocky)
- New Spanish translation of help manual (Jorge González)
- New templates

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