evolution 2.28.3

       Module: evolution
      Version: 2.28.3
  Uploaded by: Chenthill Palanisamy

 sha256sum: a7f062690bb91e6c52c6febd4533c6f4d8777e5f08b93615950bb310594e2b4f
      size: 36M

 sha256sum: 3283318f7b2fb73581b24489acc0082653d15bd08d0735831835a5d231b4d63a
      size: 29M


Evolution 2.28.3 2010-03-01

Bug Fixes:
	#601551 - [PST] evolution crashed with SIGSEGV (Milan Crha)
	#554663 - Swap "Save" and "Save as Draft" accelerators in composer
	         (Matthew Barnes)
	#601787 - Double free in destroy_oof_data (Milan Crha)
	#602185 - Crash after 'Show only this calendar' (Milan Crha)
	#609042 - Convert quoted-printing to UTF-8 when copying to clipboard 
		  (Bharath Acharya)
	#610124 - Autosave errors dialogues can't be dismissed (Matthew Barnes)
	#607087 - Not all inlined text attachments are included in replies
	          (Matthew Barnes)
	#607741 - Move folder to claims it's copying in status bar (Matthew Barnes)
	#607458 - Fix format security warning (Frederic Crozat)
	#603480 - [bbdb] Traverse lists in destinations properly (Milan Crha)
	#602827 - Disable broken plugins automatically (Milan Crha)
	#607234 - Open received attachments as read-only (Matthew Barnes)
	#604670 - addressbook-export segfaults when specifying addressbook
		  (Milan Crha)
	#605485 - Keeps search from previous folder in message list (Milan Crha)
	#606449 - Empty mail-notification popups (Lucian Langa)
	#599794 - Set composer as not changed on reply or forward action 
		  (Milan Crha)
	#605600 - Meeting reminders with wrong times (Milan Crha)
	#565582 - Make sure the comp_data is not NULL before using it
		  (Thomas Mittelstaedt)
	#606340 - Crash on non-utf8 letter in mail folder name (Milan Crha)
	#549988 - "Empty Trash" in Trash popup empties all Trash folders
	          (Milan Crha)
	#595501 - Crash on a changed mail filter action removal (Milan Crha)
	#599615 - i18n support for emae and filter-bar when used as lib (Yan Li)
	#250046 - Do not count Post To addresses when not shown (Milan Crha)
Other Changes:
	Quote filename during restore to prevent user assisted arbitrary
	code execution 	(Tobias Mueller)
	Changes in mingw.org last w32api/mingw-rt packages. (Fridrich Strba)
	Level the differences with the alternative runtime/header set
	(Fridrich Strba)

	Nils-Christoph Fiedler (nds)
	Mario Blättermann (de)
	�smund Skjæveland (nn)
	Manoj Kumar Giri (or)
	Jiri Eischmann (cs)
	Krishnababu k (te)
	Claude Paroz (fr)
	Leonid Kanter (ru)

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