nautilus-python 0.5.2

       Module: nautilus-python
      Version: 0.5.2
  Uploaded by: Adam Plumb
 sha256sum: e114937e9526a4996c7d7b3329e6cabbddc9a1fd0a2c079e9ec874d27a6a1268
      size: 300K
 sha256sum: b524fd12e45505ab6df1825ca298d4e953360b5a89823b286ad7fc7675e4d7c2
      size: 244K


    - Look for instead of, the latter is 
        general available from -devel packages only.
    - Remove eel dependency (Vincent Untz)
    - Sanitize python search path (Mark Lee)
    - Load python from lib64 in 64 bit multilib distributions (Ted Toth)
    - Updated some example plugins
    - Added explicit gnome-vfs build dependency
    - Removed obsolete .spec file

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