gnome-color-manager 2.29.4

       Module: gnome-color-manager
      Version: 2.29.4
  Uploaded by: Richard Hughes
 sha256sum: 23c8945072e2cb40a6023238e8069ce8bc15a6615242469535c7f8126ec880b3
      size: 2.4M
 sha256sum: c7de5c4dcb79e02aa186f8e7b80c657058975b293aa4063d5fa9e4180ae52685
      size: 2.1M


Version 2.29.4
Released: 2010-03-01

* Translations
 - Add Czech help translation (Milan Knizek)
 - Add Czech translation (Milan Knížek)
 - Update Czech translation (Marek Ä?ernocký)
 - Updated French translation (Claude Paroz)
 - Updated German doc translation (Mario Blättermann)
 - Updated German translation (Mario Blättermann)
 - Updated Lithuanian translation (Aurimas Ä?ernius)
 - Updated Norwegian bokmål translation (Kjartan Maraas)
 - Updated Russian translation (Alexandre Prokoudine)
 - Updated Slovenian translation (Andrej ŽnidarÅ¡iÄ?)
 - Updated Spanish translation (Jorge González)
 - Updated Swedish translation (Daniel Nylander)

* New Features:
 - Add a thumbnail image of the ColorCheckerDC (Graeme Gill)
 - Add ColorCheckerSG thumbnail (Hening Betterman)
 - Add LaserSoftDCPro thumbnail (Jorg Rosenkranz)
 - Add printer profiling support using argyllcms and GtkPrint (Richard Hughes)
 - Add some device type icons (Frédéric Bellaiche, Sebastian Kraft)
 - Add support for sending calibration images to print shops (Richard Hughes)
 - Add four more target thumbnails (Pascal de Bruijn)
 - Allow UDEV and CUPS coldplug to be done multi-threaded (Richard Hughes)
 - Allow virtual devices to be added to the device list (Richard Hughes)
 - Automatically use the EXIF data if available from TIFF files when calibrating devices. Fixes #609444 (Richard Hughes)
 - Conform to ICC Profiles in X Specification 0.3 (Richard Hughes)
 - Detect printers by connecting to CUPS rather than scraping the HPLIP properties (Richard Hughes)
 - Enable half-height targets for the ColorMunki, and double the patch counts for this hardware (Richard Hughes)
 - Make users do the legwork when there is an unrecognised colorimeter (Richard Hughes)
 - Play sounds using libcanberra when user interaction is required (Richard Hughes)
 - Properly support projectors in the UI, and in the argyllcms wrapper (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove GCM_HARDWARE_DETECTION as we're now shipping our own udev rules (Richard Hughes)
 - Save the device colorspace in the config file so we can set profiles when not connected (Richard Hughes)
 - Set a tooltip explaining why the calibrate button is insensitive (Richard Hughes)
 - Set per-user xsane global and device settings when we have assigned a scanner profile (Richard Hughes)
 - Show a GtkInfoBar warning if the profile has no vcgt table. Fixes #610287 (Richard Hughes)
 - Support other types of reference file other than IT8 (Richard Hughes)
 - Three FAQ entries out of five suggested filled in (Alexandre Prokoudine)
 - Update Help Preferences Text (Paul Finnigan)

* Bugfix:
 - Add an 'All files' option on the file choosers. Fixes #610288 (Richard Hughes)
 - Add AC_PROG_RANLIB to configure. Fixes #610771 (Richard Hughes)
 - Add a list of colorimeters as we'll need this if argyllcms is not installed. Fixes rh#566414 (Richard Hughes)
 - Ask for the chart type first before we ask for calibration files (Pascal de Bruijn)
 - Capitalization fix for 'More Information' button (Michael Monreal)
 - Correct help Intro and Usage (Paul Finnigan)
 - Do low quality calibration when using targets with a low number of patches (Pascal de Bruijn)
 - Do not allow devices to be assigned profiles in different colorspaces from native (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not make the display calibration button sensitive (with tooltip) if we are using < XRandR 1.3 drivers. Fixes #610846 (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not show the display as 'default' even when using the binary blob (Richard Hughes)
 - Don't add Cups-PDF devices to the device list (Richard Hughes)
 - Ensure ~/.color/icc exists at startup. Fixes #566275 (Richard Hughes)
 - Ensure we set ID_MODEL_FROM_DATABASE and ID_VENDOR_FROM_DATABASE even if we're using old versions of argyllcms (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix segfault when the profile has no description (Richard Hughes)
 - Have scanin compensate for perspective distortion (Pascal de Bruijn)
 - HIG string and capitalization fixes (Michael Monreal)
 - Only require the device to be present if it is a display type (Richard Hughes)
 - Read the ti2 file for the calibration model if we are analysing existing targets (Richard Hughes)
 - Replace ColorCheckerSG with a newly processed one (Pascal de Bruijn)
 - Replace colprof -aS with -aG (Pascal de Bruijn)
 - Set the colorspace on unconnected devices to avoid getting no profiles in the list (Richard Hughes)
 - Show a label in the device section when the user is using a xrandr-fallback driver. Fixes rh#566606 (Richard Hughes)
 - Support colorimeter devices that need to change mode in the middle of the calibration (Richard Hughes)
 - Use GFile internally so we can support importing profiles from gvfs mount points. Fixes #610285 (Richard Hughes)

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