gnumeric 1.10.6

       Module: gnumeric
      Version: 1.10.6
  Uploaded by: Morten Welinder
 sha256sum: c594890a60ba6e877bc4d0800036c53dcf2aed49aeea92efc84ae3e9db3ef892
      size: 22M
 sha256sum: 7e1b6ad04ba9bf1b2015c6b88cf3c2b46ec69b67312a44284f049a2ff8aeed6d
      size: 17M


Gnumeric 1.10.6

	* Add Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test tools for one and two populations.
	* Fix spin button handling in various tool dialogs. [#619971]
	* Redesign define-named-expressions dialog. [#465840] 
	* Add paste-names dialog. [#613325]
	* Make changing the scope of a named expression undoable.
	* Add search tool to paste- and define-names dialogs. [#465840]
	* Check whether defined names are in use before deleting them.
	* Add option to the regression tool to allow for multiple Y. 
	* Ensure that names cannot be mistaken as cell references.
	* Add search function to function selector. [#495776]
	* Add function help menu item. [#156777]
	* Improve ACCRINT and its description. [#611436]
	* Fix tests for homogeneity and independence for non-square
	  tables. [#621227]
	* Show all ranges while editing. [#166653]
	* Provide a tool tip showing function syntax. [#56172]
	* Provide more navigation options. [#15010]
	* Check with user before hiding all rows or columns. [#316976]
	* Check with user before pasting too many copies. [#530956]

	* Do not ungrab a not grabbed item. [#620369]
	* Always update the right series entry. [#620719]
	* Fixed multi-line item edit selection. [#621235]

	* Make sure windows for help commands show up on right screen.
	* Fix dependency tabulation undo issue.
	* Fix critical when inserting graph using keys.
	* Automate win32 help generation.
	* Mark a sheet dirty when its tab colour is changed.  [#621191]
	* Fix SERIESSUM issue.
	* Modernize code for LINEST, LOGEST, and  LOGREG.  [#317426]
	* GEOMDIST: avoid overflow in extreme cases.
	* SFTEST: improve extreme-case precision.
	* Fix hidden-sheet problem.  [#621463]
	* Improve help text sanity checks.
	* Fix minor parsing problem.
	* Handle missing data in FORECAST properly.  [#621417]
	* Handle missing data in GROWTH properly.  [#621418]
	* Modernize STEYX.
	* Plug evaluation leak.
	* Fix memory handling issue for dependents.


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