gnumeric 1.10.8

       Module: gnumeric
      Version: 1.10.8
  Uploaded by: Morten Welinder
 sha256sum: 3223def642850fd156555e5873615c0edad7ea9e61be6d38b891213c2c11d795
      size: 22M
 sha256sum: 5915e7a5b32f5a822755f94cfd056f1c29858878e44713b4658ec7c7942d6fef
      size: 18M


Gnumeric 1.10.8

	* Add new Excel and Openformula units ("pica" and "picapt") to CONVERT.
	* Save default search settings. [#105615][#625185]
	* Improve configurable text export of numbers. [#126444]
	* Improve horizontal fill. [#594193]
	* Improve function syntax tooltips. [#623317]
	* Add weekend specifier to WORKDAY and NETWORKDAYS. [#172458]
	* Fix ngettext usage.
	* Fix undo text for sheet object duplication. [#623557]
	* Fix additional undo entry for sheet object duplication. [#623559]
	* Fix undo of object creation followed by duplication. [#623566]
	* Avoid creating interacting auto filters. [#607086]
	* Improve items of the cell context menu. [#74359]
	* Fix various function docs issues.  [#623669][#624559][#625102]
	* Improve the presentation of the examples in the function
	  documentation. [#623455]
	* Fix HDATE and friends. [#623764][#625177]
	* Add hyperlink and comment removal menu items.
	* Add merge and unmerge menu items.
	* Add menu item to autofit column width or row height based on the 
	  selection only. [#125595]
	* Add autofit actions to cell context menu.
	* Add new function ARRAY. [#570689]
	* Add new function SORT. [#59144]
	* Add menu item to wrap SORT around an existing range.
	* Show the number of rows filtered by the auto filter. [#346002]
	* Improve function tooltips. [#623322]
	* Improve expression entry range selection. 
	* Add preference setting to disable the extension check for the 
	  configurable text exporter. [#594151]
	* Add optional marker to indicate that a cell contains an expression. 
	* Add merge and unmerge items to the cell context menu.
	* Permit double-clicking of functions in the function selector.
	* Allow single merge to single merge copying. [#87296]
	* Make the font style buttons override the character attributes. 
	* Provide name completion (F4) when entering functions. [#587084]
	* Implement access to the function selector to paste function
	  names while editing cells (Shift-F4).
	* Add preference settings whether to show function name and/or
	  argument tooltips.
	* Fix undo of Clear->All and Clear->Comments. [#625151][#623803]
	* Add menu items to allow clearing of filtered rows only.
	* Fix editing of hyperlinks.
	* Work around OOo's failure to correctly define its named ranges. 
	* Remove range hightlighting while not editing expressions. [#625361]
	* Reduce the size of the text import dialog. [#625281]
	* Fix import of underlined/double underlined comments from xls.
	  Part of [#405951]
	* Improve xl import of underlines.
	* Correctly size the autoexpressions. [#625521]
	* Fix row height dialog. [#625543]
	* Add menu to specify whether to enter as array, into multiple cells,
	  etc. Part of [#53733]
	* Make autofilter condition changes undoable. [#625143]

	* Fix strong/weak cursor display. [#623241]
	* Fix regression in ms_excel_chart_read. [#623960]
	* Fix a regression in chart series evaluation. [#624263]
	* Fix crash in cell_calc_span. [#624274]
	* Install a self-consistent headers list.
	* Fixed borders display in cell format dialog.

	* Ask user to locate solver binaries when plain search fails.
	* Fix problem with solver target cell entry.
	* Fix date function docs issues.  [#623669]
	* Fix gtk_show_uri problem affecting win32.  [#623605]
	* Fix mistakes pointed out by sparse.
	* Fix win32 versioning problem.  [#624171]
	* Improve function doc checks.
	* Eliminate almost all remnaining GdkGC usage.


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