glib 2.25.12

       Module: glib
      Version: 2.25.12
  Uploaded by: Ryan Lortie
 sha256sum: b447adb27cf40b1c68b71483565c3883db8e1f928dfd03a9f54dd5772bc46958
      size: 8.4M
 sha256sum: 7796298766ce54cb2fc4128b3a82f357731b881a87121661ac022eb71fa7cfc1
      size: 5.9M


Overview of Changes from GLib 2.25.11 to GLib 2.25.12

| WARNING: There have been many API changes in GDBus -- sending     |
| messages, subscribing to signals, closing connections and         |
| registering subtrees are affected.  The ABI for GSettingsBackend  |
| has also been changed.  For both reasons, a new dconf release is  |
| required (and will be along soon).                                |

  - cleanup automake setup
  - rename to
  - various docs fixups
  - move glibconfig.h to glib/
  - disable dtrace support on Mac OS (which has incompatible 'dtrace')

  - add support for vendor override files (to change the default values
    in a schema)
  - change GSettingsBackend vtable
  - add g_settings_reset()
  - support binding to G_TYPE_STRV properties

  - many bug fixes, including a serialisation fix
  - stop handling incoming connections as soon as stop() is called
  - proper support for file descriptor passing
  - new flags parameter for sending messages
  - new flags parameter for subscribing to signals
  - always reset the message serial when sending a message unless
  - constness fixes for introspection structures
  - clean ups to subtree registration API

  - fix divide by zero bug in g_malloc_n functions
  - GIO: don't blindly assume that SOCK_CLOEXEC is supported
  - make GObject property notify freezes threadsafe
  - GIO: clean up credentials passing
  - GApplication: make default-quit not apply if register=FALSE
  - GIO: add annotations for gobject-introspection

Bugs closed:
 166020 use GAtomic for refcounting
 617483 Credentials passing
 622005 [GApplication] no way to modify the "default-quit" property
 623293 vendor override files
 623810 Message serialization bug
 623815 Don't check sender for GDBusProxy objects where name is not set
 624473 GDBusSubtreeIntrospectFunc return type
 624483 GDBusSubtreeEnumerateFunc clarification
 624484 GDBusSubtreeDispatchFunc clarification
 624754 gdbusaddress.c missing sys/wait.h
 624968 div by zero in g_malloc_n family
 624991 GSettings mapping for G_TYPE_STRV 
 625383 Add missing GI annotations

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