glom 1.14.4

       Module: glom
      Version: 1.14.4
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
 sha256sum: 59322009f411f198dbe85bd638698dac64876eb90f2cfbd56b68ce6c0ad7a91c
      size: 6.3M
 sha256sum: cc63cfd6fa4e46d85c8a0bb8e04bf57013b3642a345373da0fc36adfc2b5ad19
      size: 5.2M


1.14.4 (stable):

* Developer menu: Added Export Backup and Restore Backup menu items.
  These use PostgreSQL's pg_dump and pg_restore utilities, wrapping the
  dump and .glom file up in a .tar.gz.
  As well as allowing backups of data, this should make it easier to upgrade
  the PostgreSQL version, which some distros do automatically when upgrading
  to new major versions of Glom. This is possible because pg_restore can
  work with the pg_dump output of an older PostgreSQL version.
  See also:
  (Murray Cumming)
* Build: Explicitly link with libdl for Python module loading test.
  (David King)

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