gst-plugins-good 0.10.24

       Module: gst-plugins-good
      Version: 0.10.24
  Uploaded by: Tim-Philipp Müller
 sha256sum: 1478513e3f078125b28cc7aad23cff2ecddc79c28d72950d48acf5416d895592
      size: 4.2M
 sha256sum: f274aac9c5b8efc66833c33cfad353209c785ac111465b37146680ee0de2d0be
      size: 2.8M


This is GStreamer Good Plug-ins 0.10.24, "Taking Liberties"

Changes since 0.10.23:

      * Use Orc (Optimized Inner Loops Runtime Compiler) for SIMD and
        other optimisations, and remove liboil dependency. The main goal
        for this release was to make the transition from liboil to liborc.
        Performance improvements should not be expected and will be the
        focus of future versions. liborc is an optional dependency for
        the time being, to make it possible to test and develop the very
        latest GStreamer versions on systems that don't have orc yet.
        However, without orc slow unoptimised backup code will be used
        for many performance critical code paths. Distributors are urged
        to package and ship the latest version of liborc and compile
        GStreamer modules with --enable-orc. Please do not distribute
        GStreamer packages that are not orc enabled. More information on
        the orc integration can be found in the docs/design/ directory.
      * alpha: add "prefer-passthrough" property to allow passthrough mode
      * avidemux: improve audio vbr detection
      * cmmlenc: Remove hack to let oggmux start a new page for every CMML buffer
      * deinterlace: add mmx implementations of greedyh for UYVY; orcify some deinterlacing methods
      * dv1394: fix the internal clock even more
      * flvmux: add "streamable" property
      * flvmux: write duration at the correct position
      * gdkpixbuf: Add a gdkpixbuf3 plugin that uses gdkpixbuf3
      * jpegdec: improved parsing, and better buffer handling that minimises memcpys
      * jpegdec, jpegenc: add grayscale support
      * matroskademux: QoS fixes and improvements; reverse playback improvements
      * matroskademux: handle zero-sized numbers correctly
      * matroskamux: add "streamable" property; set streamheaders on output caps
      * matroskamux: try harder to make sure clusters start with a key frame
      * matroskamux: mark output buffers properly as keyframe or delta unit
      * matroskamux: do some write caching to avoid newsegment events before each output buffer
      * matroskamux: fix some timestamp drift caused by rounding errors
      * pngenc: Support 8 bit grayscale
      * pulsesink: optimize communication with PulseAudio using pa_stream_begin_write
      * pulsesink: Post provide-clock message on the bus if the clock appears/disappears
      * rtph264depay: consider SPS, PPS and IDR as keyframe, all others as DELTA_UNIT
      * rtph264pay: handle short startcodes in the h264 bytestream
      * rtpjitterbuffer: stop buffering and emit EOS at the end of a stream
      * rtpmparobustdepay: add mpa-robust depayloader
      * rtpmp4gdepay: calculate the frame duration correctly
      * rtptheorapay: keep announcing the delivery-method in the capabilities, restores
        compatibility with older farsight versions again
      * rtspsrc: respect aggregate control attributes; try all ranges from the sdp
      * spectrum: support 24-bit width and arbitrary bit depth
      * udp: make url parsing compatible with VLC syntax
      * udpsrc: fix multicast support on windows
      * v4l2sink: destroy buffer pool when changing state to NULL
      * videobox: fix negotiation for I420/YV12
      * videomixer: don't mix input with different pixel aspect ratios; negotiation fixes
      * wavparse: proper closing segment construction when doing non-flushing seeks
      * wavparse: use typefind functions to check if PCM data contains dts stream

Bugs fixed since 0.10.23:

      * 619045 : [spectrum] Add support for 24-bit width and all depth combinations
      * 555967 : [oss4] clarify some translation strings
      * 570761 : [goom] crash in plugin_info_init allocating 260kB struct on stack
      * 583047 : [jpegdec] optimise buffer handling when parsing frames
      * 589997 : [rtp] need mpa-robust depayloader for helix-style MP3-DRAFT-00
      * 595978 : [udpsrc] failed to play a multicast stream
      * 597695 : [udpsrc] support VLC-style udp:// uri with bind address
      * 611117 : [matroskademux] can't handle unknown cluster sizes
      * 613066 : [flvmux] re-enable renamed/fixed is-live property
      * 615461 : dv1394src clock continues to be broken
      * 617339 : pulsesink doesn't make use of pa_stream_begin_write
      * 618530 : [videomixer] Doesn't handle pixel-aspect-ratio correctly
      * 618871 : 1394: remove useless last_time
      * 618982 : [wavparse] wrong closing segment when doing non-flushing seek
      * 619198 : [matroskademux] GstEbmlRead cleanup
      * 619273 : [matroskamux] reduce downstream spam
      * 619293 : [avimux] clean up avi header creation code
      * 619531 : [rtspsrc] embedded asx streams' rtsp server doesn't like gstreamer request
      * 619717 : unit tests fail if older -good plugins are present in system plugin directory
      * 619824 : Use glib for checksumming
      * 619848 : [deinterlace] can't switch properties on running pipeline
      * 620148 : [videomixer] Doesn't negotiate format with downstream
      * 620154 : [rtph264depay] Seeking with RTP payloaders corrupts images sometimes
      * 620162 : [gdkpixbufdec] Bump rank to SECONDARY
      * 620277 : [pulsesink] custom clock is still used after NULL state change
      * 620358 : [matroskademux] Sorenson Squish WebM output seeking issues
      * 620390 : rtph264pay doesn't understand short startcodes
      * 620494 : [rtsp] stuttery audio with some h264/aac streams
      * 620540 : [pulsesink] pa_stream_write() failed: Invalid argument
      * 620591 : rtpceltpay doesn't handle stereo celt audio
      * 620743 : matroskademux: refactor delta unit handling
      * 620929 : Required libraw1394 version is not high enough
      * 621510 : GNOME Goal: Remove deprecated glib symbols
      * 621566 : [pulsesink] since upgrading plugins sound is garbled via Amarok
      * 621723 : v4l2src crashes on PLAYING- > READY- > PLAYING
      * 622498 : [avidemux] Doesn't reset all state when going back to READY
      * 622500 : [v4l2sink] destroy open buffers when changing to NULL
      * 622501 : [videobox] may negotiate input/output format combinations it can't actually handle
      * 622816 : Make demos -DSEAL safe
      * 623103 : matroskamux dispose error
      * 623172 : [jpegdec] leak in unit test
      * 623196 : rtpptdemux: don't send custom downstream event twice
      * 623366 : [qtdemux] strip out bogus tags from XMP
      * 623379 : [flvmux] Writing duration outside the allocated memory area in streaming mode
      * 623585 : jpegdec: fails to skip extra 0xff markers at start
      * 623654 : qtdemux: Fix order of bitrates in 'btrt' atom
      * 619817 : [matroskademux] Reverse playback doesn't work
      * 617512 : [alpha] should work in passthrough in all formats if alpha == 1.0
      * 619485 : matroskademux: skip buffers before a late keyframe (QoS)
      * 413942 : [wavparse] undetected dts-in-wav

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