tracker 0.8.15

       Module: tracker
      Version: 0.8.15
  Uploaded by: Martyn James Russell
 sha256sum: 7d183bd865e14c4f4d20d654d2063ff71f768c8c29815e2675a2189625d49bc2
      size: 6.0M
 sha256sum: 0831b8c11eea2bae71ba334e21d03842be1dafc276061c298f37bbd27ff43779
      size: 4.9M


NEW in 0.8.15 - 2010-07-16

The changes are:

  * Fixes: GB#511474, Remove the option to index remote mounted directories
  * Fixes: GB#624071, t-s-t: Query results is always a 2 dimensional array.
  * Fixes: GB#623836, Avoid crashing if table of pieces is empty in the msword file
  * Fixes: NB#176090, libtracker-miner: Don't use same parent GFile for both mtime and iri caches
  * Fixes: NB#178825, New --feeds option in tracker-search to look for feeds
  * Fixes: NB#178808, Default verbosity should be errors-only in tracker-store
  * libtracker-fts: Fix NEAR/XX operator with more than 2 digits
  * libtracker-fts: Useful debugging log included, disabled by default
  * libtracker-fts: Avoid possible NULL dereference
  * libtracker-fts: Initialize all buffers before using them
  * libtracker-common: Always set last_time in D-Bus client data
  * libtracker-common: Avoid unused variable warnings in test cases
  * libtracker-db: Remove unreachable code in journal module
  * libtracker-data: NB#178599, extra checks for finding the problem
  * libtracker-miner: Avoid unused variable warning in test cases
  * libtracker-miner: Avoid dead code in mount_guess_content_type()
  * libtracker-miner: If mount without volume, don't rely on is_blank
  * libtracker-miner: Improve logging for storage reporting
  * libtracker-miner: Avoid unused variable warnings in test cases
  * libtracker-client: Fix object_date proto in vapi
  * libtracker-client: Mark graph as nullable in vapi
  * tracker-miner-fs: Use 60s as default DBus timeout for requests to extractor
  * tracker-extract: MSOffice-xml: Avoid possible NULL dereference
  * tracker-extract: Avoid warnings when compiling C++ code with C-only warning flags
  * tracker-writeback: Avoid unused variable warning
  * tracker-store: Avoid unused variable warning and fixed other compiler warnings


  * Updated cs: Marek Cernocky
  * Updated pt: Nicolau Gonçalves
  * Updated de: Mario Blättermann
  * Updated sl: Andrej ŽnidarÅ¡iÄ?
  * Updated ja: Takeshi AIHANA
  * Updated es: Jorge González



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