gtk-vnc 0.4.1

       Module: gtk-vnc
      Version: 0.4.1
  Uploaded by: Daniel P. Berrange
 sha256sum: 010c2fbc8cb29c8503cd51f8ef7bb805df264a39e4fa9bec723c9eebc3997e32
      size: 668K
 sha256sum: 095ae7c98ddba0db39845b516b49651a134c7ed8b45ccd02ed1ba3fd66645b57
      size: 528K


Jul 14, 2010: Release 0.4.1

Bug fixes:

 o Fix test suite execution
 o Ensure builds against GTK3 get a separate library soname,
   pkg-config file and include directory to allow parallel
   install with GTK2 builds.

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