simple-scan 2.31.5

       Module: simple-scan
      Version: 2.31.5
  Uploaded by: Robert Ancell
 sha256sum: 7017ffa0f9a0fa7470d5e1f9121f3f490d98c5bf3d6a8c217b9143f9406b4317
      size: 292K
 sha256sum: b77a83d58bfb9e9ea2ce382d9ad7ff3086f815fcc8c0e551c40554c0ba1aacdc
      size: 248K


Overview of changes in simple-scan 2.31.5

 * Prompt user to save if they are quitting/starting a new document and have
   unsaved changes.
 * Save button only sensitive if have unsaved data
 * Add save as button

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