gdm 2.31.2

       Module: gdm
      Version: 2.31.2
  Uploaded by: Brian Cameron
 sha256sum: 036963842b2e8ca7b975426382bb7b9d2669743f0f5cbc459ce2e200290c65d8
      size: 3.7M
 sha256sum: 5e8ff63fbc1932d524166c363d8cff7fc40785caed6b086533edfa3572ef84aa
      size: 2.3M


Version 2.31.2 

- Add support for legacy "custom" session name
- Various build and warning fixes
- XDMCP fixes
- Add optional support for account service
- Fix crash with multiple user switcher applets
- Gracefully hide control center from user switch menu if not available
- Revert metacity focus workaround, now that metacity is fixed
- Rehide g-p-m context menu
- Updates to work better with newer icon theme
- fix non-source-dir builds
- show username input box when there's no local user
- Various memory leaks
- remove gdm-restart and gdm-stop scripts
- remove text labels from option menus
- various user manager and user chooser fixes and performance enhancements
- various crasher fixes
- escape names before showing markup
- Call button "unlock" not "login" when user is already logged in
- Cap how long ck-history is allowed to run and how far back its allowed to go
- Improvements to the way users are sorted
- ensure slave's children always die with the slave
- halectomy of the last remnants of hal
- don't exit when X fails to start
- trap XAddHosts call
- minor fixes in screenshot tool
- use lsb_release if available to determine system description
- automatically retry on login failure
- improve coverage of test programs
- fix timed login + disable-user-list together


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