gtk+ 2.90.5

       Module: gtk+
      Version: 2.90.5
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
 sha256sum: e04066adad9f4544d5d0d4f9f467b14581adfae2d1487072c0baca9ddd4bc06e
      size: 24M
 sha256sum: 8c3c2b461c5a9e0c07dcc320d6362728284e8294f2cd77428d51694c15681264
      size: 17M


Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.90.4 to 2.90.5

* Support NOCONFIGURE in to avoid running configure

* The cairo dependency has been bumped to 1.9.10

* Drop aliasing hacks instead use -Bsymbolic-funtions.

* Bugs:
 589904 Certain drawing in some widgets does not pass on...
 610346 Confusion between GtkWindow:allow-grow and GtkWindow:resizable
 613284 Replace GdkRegion with cairo_region_t
 617386 Migrate API docs from templates to source files (GtkButton)
 617389 Migrate API docs from templates to source files (GtkCalendar)
 617392 Migrate API docs from templates to source files (GtkCellEditable)
 621414 Can't select file on file browser popup after choosing to sort...
 622677 Remove GdkWindowObject public structure
 623239 also show num-lock warning
 623307 Annotate gdk_display_manager_list_displays return value
 623389 [iconview] Fix segfault when using rubberband selection
 623476 [windows] gdk fails to compile
 623520 gtk+ 3 fails to build from outside git source tree
 623845 Use -Bsymbolic
 461618 use GSlice for gtkrequisition

* Deprecations and cleanups:
 - GdkRegion has been removed, and region-using code has been ported
   to cairo_region_t and cairo_rectangle_int_t.
 - The deprecated GdkFont has been removed, together with vestigial
   uses in GTK+, including the GdkFontSel::font property and a GdkFont
   member in GtkStyle.
 - The GdkWindowObject structure has been removed from public headers.
 - The GdkWindow::allow-grow and ::allow-shrink properties have been removed.

* Quartz:
 - Misc fixed to clipping and color handling
 - Update the DND code for GdkDevice changes

* Translation updates:
 Norwegian bokmål
 Simplified Chinese

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