glib 2.25.11

       Module: glib
      Version: 2.25.11
  Uploaded by: Ryan Lortie
 sha256sum: 28cbc02036a7f232f23ce56feda3e10bd74fe676902b305bf2a15a8b2c7c9225
      size: 8.4M
 sha256sum: f83cdc74b9a0a8514c496c68f3d4887d38d5de64ffb9b8cdede7e94bb140b16f
      size: 5.8M


Overview of Changes from GLib 2.25.10 to GLib 2.25.11

| WARNING: There have been minor API changes in GDBus and GVariant. |
| These API changes will not affect many users, but they do require |
| a new version of GTK+ to be installed.                            |

  - add a --disable-Bsymbolic configure flag to disable linking with
  - this release sees the complete removal of the old 'g*alias' hacks
  - honour the NOCONFIGURE environment variable from
  - use proper feature test macros for isnan
  - use pkg-config to check for zlib

  - hide Class and instance structures for all GDBus types except
    GDBusProxy.  This breaks API by preventing subclassing, but probably
    nobody was doing that.
  - add new GDBusConnection call to support flushing all pending
    outgoing messages
  - change the register_object API to add a reference to the
    GDBusInterfaceInfo object so the caller need not keep it alive
  - don't rewrite the serial number when sending messages that already
    have a serial number
  - better error checking for DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS environment
  - switch to g_parse_debug_string for G_DBUS_DEBUG and add a lot of new
  - add support for temporarily freezing a freshly created
    GDBusConnection.  Do this until after the ::new-connection signal
    has finished running on GDBus services.
  - never require non-closed connections (the user is incapable of doing
    this due to the obvious race)
  - remove weird/misleading redundant check on NameOwnerChanged signal
  - emit GDBusProxy::g-properties-changed on NameOwnerChanged

  - the 'g_variant_{new,get}_byte_array' APIs have been removed
  - g_variant_{new,get,dup}_bytestring has been added, with different
    arguments and different behaviour
  - g_variant_{new,get,dup}_bytestring_array has been added, doing
    essentially the same thing as the 'strv' functions, but with byte
    strings instead of utf8 strings
    STRING_ARRAY ('as') constants have been added
  - the undocumented behaviour that g_variant_get_strv() deserialised
    arrays of object paths or signature strings has been dropped
  - additional varargs support for converting bytestrings or bytestring
    arrays with ^ay ^aay ^&ay and ^a&ay
  - improved gobject-introspection annotation
  - fix a problem with GBuffer calling g_slice_free for the wrong type
  - fix leaks in the type inferencing code of the parser

  - improved documentation
  - updated schema XML DTD, now xincluded into the docs
  - added support for schemas that extend other schemas (using the
    'extends=' attribute).  Values of keys in the base schema can be
    overridden using <override>.
  - added theoretical support for lists (using the 'list-of=' attribute)
  - lots of new tests
  - add support for flags (implemented similarly to enums)
  - add support for generating .enums.xml files to gsettings.m4:
      gsettings_ENUM_NAMESPACE = org.example.myapp
      gsettings_ENUM_FILES = ../path/to/*.h
    will generate org.example.myapp.enums.xml with mappings for all
    enums and flags in the specified .h files.
  - warn with g_message() if the 'memory' backend is used by default
    (ie: because no other GSettings backends are installed)
  - fix get_property() for GSettings::schema
  - command line tool: fix a bug that prevented non-basic values from
    being set due to a premature free
  - command line tool: bash completion support
  - chain up in _finalize
  - add a new g_settings_get_mapped API to read settings that require
  - retry with the translated or schema default value if the
    GSettingsBindGetMapping function fails
  - schema compiler: never fail due to empty schema directories (but
  - peek rather than ref/unref the GEnumClass in the mapping function
  - schema compiler: compile *.enums.xml before *.gschemas.xml to ensure
    that we have all the enums that the schemas may reference
  - schema compiler: improve accuracy of line numbers in error reports
  - fix crashes in the keyfile backend caused by invalid group names in
    the keyfile

  - always intern GBinding prop names
  - base64: remove asserts preventing conversion of empty strings
  - document NULL special-cases for GValueArray
  - GNode docs improvements
  - improve detection of 'system internal' mounts
  - fix leaks in the inotify GFileMonitor implementation
  - annotate all custom GIO GSources to improve debugging (e.g. using

  - Turn on glibc malloc checking features for make check
  - improvements for GSettings tests, plus new tests
  - improved tests for GKeyfile
  - new tests for GDir, GSList, GSList, GAppLaunchContext,
    CharsetConverter, GIcon, ...
  - move some tests to GTester (tree tests, uri tests)
  - generally, really an awful lot of new tests
  - don't try to allocate 2gigs of memory anymore for the array test

 552363 g_value_array_{insert,prepend,append}'s special cases for NULL
 561248 Improve return value description from g_node_prev/next_sibling()
 570036 Add ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS to
 576833 g_sprintf add a reference to g_strdup_printf
 576854 g_strconcat() documentation should provide a hint about bad l10n
 582227 reference: add other URI functions to 'URI Functions' section
 599223 should provide g_spawn_* variants that take a GAppLaunchContext
 610784 array test failing
 613057 Leak in inotify GFileMonitor implementation
 620536 Annotate all custom GIO GSource using g_source_set_name
 620913 More control with G_DBUS_DEBUG
 622124 implement flags
 622127 GSettings extended key validation
 622128 retry with default value for failed mapping
 622294 More annotations for GVariant
 622565 glib-compile-schemas fails when no schemas
 622600 Fix missing prototype warning
 622813 gsettings mapping & enum buglet
 623142 Ensure ::new-connection runs before processing D-Bus messages
 623143 Never require non-closed connections
 623319 use g_parse_debug_string for dbus debug flags
 623401 process enums first
 623402 schema compiler reports wrong line numbers
 623407 g_keyfile_settings_backend_new crashes with the key "/"
 623473 zlib should be checked with pkg-config
 623537 GDBusProxy has weird checking on NameOwnerChanged
 623538 GDBusProxy::g-properties-changed emission for corner cases
 623692 directory with file at multiple MLS levels may display empty
 623720 gschema.dtd does not contain enum definitions
 623770 quoting of expand_macro in gdesktopappinfo.c
 623772 gdesktopappinfo.c, function child_setup
 623780 g_unix_is_mount_path_system_internal
 623954 g_settings_finalize
 623955 Dubious return values

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