tracker 0.8.14

       Module: tracker
      Version: 0.8.14
  Uploaded by: Martyn James Russell
 sha256sum: 718d071bb4cc889affeef4bdfbc2214ca787429e41946a7bf9465c6f44e7d286
      size: 6.0M
 sha256sum: d0fb8557a4977be2305bdbf11c5328f51958a22780a76466a99d997eb34dbed4
      size: 4.9M


NEW in 0.8.14 - 2010-07-01

The changes are:

 * Fixes: GB#511474, Remove the option to index remote mounted directories
 * Fixes: GB#622734, too many open files error / possible file descriptor leak
 * Fixes: GB#623203, Fix segfault when guessing content type in mounts without path
 * Fixes: GB#616809, t-s-t shows Author as urn:uuid: in metadata bar
 * Fixes: GB#622702, 0.8.13 does not build with gio 2.22 anymore
 * Fixes: NB#174202, Some .pya audio files cannot be displayed in Music application after copying to device via USB.
 * Fixes: NB#176932, Pure asf audio file is displayed in Video&TV application.
 * Fixes: NB#177447, Remove the 'error' signal from TrackerMiner object
 * general: Added -Wno-portability to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
 * general: Bumped version requirement for GLib from 2.20 to 2.24
 * tracker-control: Fixed typo in --help
 * tracker-extract: Plug leaks in XMP extractor
 * tracker-extract: Plug leaks in GStreamer extractor on pipeline creation errors
 * tracker-store: Improve memory allocation for change events and avoid duplicates
 * libtracker-miner: Fix potential invalid read error
 * evolution: Don't fail to add mails with spaces in the folder name
 * function-tests: added mass storage mode test cases


 * Updated de: Mario Blättermann
 * Updated sl: Andrej ŽnidarÅ¡iÄ?
 * Updated es: Jorge González
 * Updated ja: Takeshi AIHANA



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