conduit 0.3.17

       Module: conduit
      Version: 0.3.17
  Uploaded by: John Stowers
 sha256sum: 230b572b4636768315ff506d5230563856764568110cb3ea90f3e144c442c777
      size: 1.2M
 sha256sum: dfbc00490b0170f22eb6e73b893da40c48556d8982b8400484e19fa617f5f934
      size: 872K


NEW in 0.3.17:
 * Fix dbus and configuration, install eog and nautilus extensions by default
 * Port to GtkBuilder
 * Use system gdata
 * UI improvements for hints
 * Autostart management from UI is improved
 * Use system installed flickrapi >= 1.2
 * Update pyfacebook
 * DB stability improvements
 * Fix configuration UI
 * Many translation updates
 * Many many bug fixes
 * Remove gnomevfs support
 * Support for Mac OSX added to Wallpaper Module
 * Support for Mac OSX added to Firefox 3 Module

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