clutter 1.1.8

       Module: clutter
      Version: 1.1.8
  Uploaded by: Emmanuele Bassi
 sha256sum: 5a04f2569ad90efa286148faaf9f8f49645ee789886581b853a772bd9b240779
      size: 3.3M
 sha256sum: 180efccb0a986a83cc7caa595c4c38732055de1c43bc69e3ea6c71d4a78ef927
      size: 2.5M


Clutter 1.1.8 (08/02/2010)

  * List of changes since Clutter 1.1.6

    o Added ClutterAnimator, a class that allows defining complex
      implicit animations involving multiple actors and states; this
      class is mostly meant to be used through the ClutterScript
      definition format, but it provides a convenience C API for
      easily building animations.

    o New experimental COGL API to expose "hardware" buffers such as PBOs or
      drm surfaces. This API can be used, for instance, to make texture
      uploading faster.

    o Fixed the issues with resizable stages getting a 1x1 window with
      the X11 backends

    o Expose input devices for every event; by default, X11 and Windows
      backends expose the core devices only.

    o Add the ClutterStage:key-focus property, for key focus tracking.

    o Allow setting transformable value types in ClutterAnimation when
      calling clutter_animation_bind() and clutter_animation_update().

    o Delay the creation of the default Stage until clutter_stage_get_default()
      is actually called; this reduces the work of clutter_init().

    o Implement Ctrl+Delete and Ctrl+Backspace in ClutterText

    o Improve the extendability of CoglTexture with internal backends.

    o Add implicit texture atlasing; Cogl will try to put every texture
      inside the same texture atlas by default, to avoid state changes
      in the driver and (hopefully) improve performance.

    o Fix notification of the cursor and selection changes in ClutterText;
      this improves the usage of Clutter from A11Y toolkits.

    o Do not wait for a frame if the system clock goes backwards.

    o Fix the dirtying of the clip state; this unbreaks cogl_path_fill().

    o Documentation and build fixes.

Many thanks to:

  Neil Roberts
  Chris Lord
  Damien Lespiau
  Alejandro Piñeiro
  Jussi Kukkonen
  Kristian Høgsberg
  Robert Bragg
  �yvind Kolås

Clutter 1.1.6 (18/01/2010)

  * List of changes since Clutter 1.1.4

    o Some fixes for the Win32 backend (bug #1905).

    o Profiling support via the UProf library. Configure with
      --enable-profile to get a report after each Clutter application is

    o Improved conformance tests with coverage reports via gcov.

    o ClutterTexture no longer tries to read back texture data into
      g_malloc'd memory on unrealize (bug #1842).

    o The CGL_* defines from cogl-defines.h have been removed. These
      should not have been used by any applications, but if they were
      being used then please replace them either with the Cogl enums or
      with the appropriate GL_* enum if you are using GL directly.

    o Added a delete-event signal to the stage.

    o Fix for using cogl_rectangle with different texture coordinates
      for multiple layers (bug #1937).

    o Fix for using stencil and depth buffers in FBOs on Intel drivers
      in Mesa (bug #1873).

    o Support for subtitles in ClutterMedia.

    o ClutterGLX will now use an RGB visual by default. For
      applications (and toolkit integration libraries) that want to
      enable the ClutterStage:use-alpha property there is a new
      function: clutter_x11_set_use_argb_visual().

    o Fix ClutterText to allow using Pango markup and attributes in
      the same actor (bug #1940).

Many thanks to:

     Alejandro Piñeiro
     Damien Lespiau
     Emmanuele Bassi
     Gord Allot
     Halton Huo
     Robert Bragg
     Samuel Degrande

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