longomatch 0.16.4

       Module: longomatch
      Version: 0.16.4
  Uploaded by: Andoni Morales Alastruey

 sha256sum: 3bdece06667d7f86b1c6345b45a5de7bb67fdf915f6d2ce28f709fbb3c44483a
      size: 816K

 sha256sum: 4cab7ac2329baa2b82b511391e83da021a2249de39ebb411d221c3d34b44ff66
      size: 648K


===== LongoMatch 0.16.4 "Mario Kart is in the the house" =====

	== Features of this release ==

	* Select players from the template pool and only the one that are playing

	== Bugs Fixed ==

	* Bug 634499 - In the Plays List move the Name of the play closer to the expand/collapse arrow
	* Bug 634494 - Choose players for a project from the template pool
	* Bug 633495 - typo
	* Fix hang creating new plays from the timeline when a play is loaded

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