java-gnome 4.0.18

       Module: java-gnome
      Version: 4.0.18
  Uploaded by: Andrew Cowie
 sha256sum: 2d33605f86d8107de78e0ba5d9d4534f70ded4e9c5937dee66fe53bb2c2e6384
      size: 1.3M
 sha256sum: 2f606fda2d89961cfbbddc7f391a35302078030a5391699e3bc44b6972b3928d
      size: 1.1M


<a name="4.0.18" id="1293156906" title="Fix GDK_IS_WINDOW crash"></a>

java-gnome 4.0.18 (23 Dec 2010)

_My compressed original is better than your uncompressed copy_

This is a bug fix release. A serious crasher was occurring when you requested
a the underlying [org.gnome.gdk] Window backing a Widget, as is often
necessary before popping up context menus. Thanks to Kenneth Prugh and
Guillaume Mazoyer for their help in duplicating and isolating the problem.

Better image rendering

While we're at it, we've merged work in progress offering coverage of the
librsvg Scalable Vector Graphics loader. This allows you to draw an SVG image
as a vector graphic to Cairo (which itself works in vector form, of course),
and is a substantial improvement over just loading the `.svg` with gdk-pixbuf
(which rasterizes the graphic to a bitmap first, of course). Load the image
with [Handle][], then draw it with Context's

We've also added coverage of Cairo Surface's new
[`setMimeType()`][Surface.setMimeType()], which allows you to embed the the
original [ie JPEG, or to a lesser extent PNG] image in PDF output rather than
just the decoded, rasterized, and very huge bitmap image that Cairo uses on
screen and would otherwise have used in PDF and SVG output. So 100 kB JPEGs
stay JPEGs instead of turning into 12 MB bitmaps. Yeay.

java-gnome now depends on Cairo 1.10 and librsvg 2.32.


[Context.showHandle()]: <>
[Surface.setMimeType()]: <,%20byte[])>

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