gnome-user-share 2.30.2

       Module: gnome-user-share
      Version: 2.30.2
  Uploaded by: Cosimo Cecchi
 sha256sum: b1ea3275a5c2a9df31efb88af60a602cc4df1c795018567c341c4d9f754a416e
      size: 1.2M
 sha256sum: 05eea225e79382881c04d017cee213958fcf4a10a6b0803ba1f16716691cba3b
      size: 1.1M


This is gnome-user-share 2.30.2, a system for easy sharing of user files.

Major changes since 2.30.1 are:
* Updated translations
* Don't use deprecated libnotify API

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