clutter-gtk 0.91.6

       Module: clutter-gtk
      Version: 0.91.6
  Uploaded by: Emmanuele Bassi
 sha256sum: 4848a7742da394832062cf0d786518acf426bbf6a08f7699d94092a562703bc9
      size: 472K
 sha256sum: 4660831bd99acd53d221f2653139514dafa8c0e9d46f109ca974b7dceb2ffa42
      size: 384K


Clutter-GTK 0.91.6                                                   22/12/2010

Changes since 0.91.4:

        â?¢ General clean up of the code.

        â?¢ Introspection fixes.

        â?¢ Moved the texture integration with gtk+ types into a separate
          class, GtkClutterTexture.

        â?¢ Fixes to work with gtk+ â?¥ 2.91.7.

        â?¢ Added translation domain.

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