devhelp 2.91.4

       Module: devhelp
      Version: 2.91.4
  Uploaded by: Frederic Peters
 sha256sum: 7550ef99d5c165f5c2035cbcc15efcf45b08a424fd07f456ef0398658b4a4b01
      size: 680K
 sha256sum: 8accf273bdbe21833dce8a8fd4b710367fabcf26f59b951bab0e2788ab8e4a13
      size: 536K


Version 2.91.4

Fixed bugs:

 - #90469, Search function to allow selecting books for search
 - #349608, Monitor books and update when they change
 - #353108, Search by language
 - #601201, [PATCH] inadequate search result ordering
 - #633834, L10N: msgid "Enabled"
 - #635162, Devhelp won't build due to the new GApplication API
 - #636339, Fix default value for list type key
 - #636933, [PATCH] Crash when closing the preferences dialog with the
            titlebar close button

Updated translations: et, he, th, zh_HK, zh_TW

Many thanks to all contributors: Ivar Smolin, Yanko Kaneti, Akom
Chotiphantawanon, Chao-Hsiung Liao, Yaron Shahrabani, Aleksander Morgado


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