orca 2.91.4

       Module: orca
      Version: 2.91.4
  Uploaded by: Alejandro Leiva

 sha256sum: 16983ac2719883755e512511c488f61ce523b62e4f421a6c5a955ec3ec8c9308
      size: 4.9M

 sha256sum: 0f9e72b8f05a325a082b944b6e7b323ef80c6a60dcd3efa4a9f9bdc8b1edf2b9
      size: 3.2M


2.91.4 - 21-December-2010

  "The Settings Manager and Profile Release: Now With More Ducks" 


  * Fix for bug #637667 - Speech Settings in a profile are not always

  * Fix for bug #637653 - In a new setup, the Orca Preferences window
    no longer gets focus.

  * Fix for bug #637661 - We should be careful when using run() in Orca
    dialogs because we can become unresponsive.

  * Fix for bug #637670 - Speech is getting broken up into separate
    utterances when it should not be.

  * Fix for bug #637662 - The label serving as static text in the
    Save Profile As dialog should be removed.

  * Fix for bug #637665 - The 'Active Profile' label in the Preferences
    dialog should have a shortcut.

  * Fix for bug #637654 - Several changes need to be made to the
    Save Profile As widgets.

  * Fix for bug #637637 - The Save Profile As dialog should not be
    setting accessible names for non-visible children.

  * Fix for bug #570650 - Profiles and new settings manager.

  * Fix for bug #637551 - Pressing help in the Orca Preferences dialog
    should put you in the Preferences help.

  * Work on bug #631123 - Orca documentation needs to be updated, converted
    to Mallard, augmented, and moved to the Orca module.

  * Fix for bug #637115 - Orca needs to have Miramar added to the list of
    names for thunderbird scripts.

  * Fix for bug #637422 - bookmarkCurrentWhereAmI() is not presenting roles

  * Fix for bug #636824 - Orca is at the mercy of speech-dispatcher's default

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    es     Spanish       Jorge González
    hu     Hungarian     Attila Hammer
    et     Estonian      Ivar Smolin


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