gvfs 1.7.1

       Module: gvfs
      Version: 1.7.1
  Uploaded by: Tomas Bzatek

 sha256sum: 664849af6944234d3ab65873618744ecbc5d7df9479dfd15ffc4ad7097ff88a4
      size: 2.2M

 sha256sum: 38f119311619d40c52701626a2564b90a3aecb1224adf1d2ca04ea3c94bd57ea
      size: 1.4M


Major changes in 1.7.1
* Various build issues fixed
* Fix gvfs client code on ARM platform
* ftp: Fix refcounting of addresses when connecting
* ftp: Detect TLS and SSL support
* afc: Add ability to mount the house-arrest service
* afc: Add support for House Arrest protocol to access
       the Documents/ folder within applications
* Translation updates (nb, es, he, et)

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