f-spot 0.8.1

       Module: f-spot
      Version: 0.8.1
  Uploaded by: Ruben Vermeersch

 sha256sum: 73a4bfcc3fe98a74c6b02f60d3f0964ac4f559f018f063de5c97fa67958df5cf
      size: 4.6M

 sha256sum: a0ae1068d53c29666c76c75e535bf2e933399af76160c8044fd00b8d87600afe
      size: 3.1M


f-spot 0.8.1 - Dec 19 2010 - Winter Fixes!
- Bug fix release for the 0.8.x series.
 - Critical bug fixes and translation updates. Upgrading highly recommended.
 - Infobox crasher fixed (Paul Wellner Bou)
 - CRW crasher (Christian Krause)
 - XMP sidecar file naming now uses file.jpg.xmp, falls back to old file.xmp
   if present (Ruben Vermeersch)
 - French Mallard Documentation (Bruno Brouard)
 - Slovenian Mallard Documentation (Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ?)
 - Tons of translations
 - Loads of obsolete code fixed (Tim Howard)
 - DateTime.DaysInMonth crasher fix (Tim Howard)
 - Mono.Data.Sqlite removed (Tim Howard)
 - Switch to official Taglib# repository.
 - Lots of Taglib# fixes.
 - Rotation crasher (Nuno Ferreira)
 - Gallery export crasher for Unicode characters (Martin Slota)
 - A fix for the very annoying Int32.MaxValue bug.
 - Around 20 bugs closed (http://bit.ly/hCAwkd)

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